This Cancer Family project has helped me honor my parents and celebrate the lives they lived, and I have also been fortunate to have had a number of people reach out to me after seeing my photos to share their own narratives - about cancer and death, but also family and life.

The stories have been an important part of my journey the past few years, and have given me strength and inspiration. Because of that, going forward, I want to make it easier for people to share with me, and I want to start including some of the beautiful stories and sentiments that I receive as part of my Cancer Family project.

YOU are already part of this project because you are here, and you are engaging with my work. However, if my work has moved you to share any piece of any of your experiences, I would be grateful if you could return some words, a thought, your story, and/or a photo. Unless you want to remain anonymous, I would also appreciate if you could include your contact information (name, email and phone).

Here are two ways to share!

1. Email-

2. Snail Mail! (and dont forget a return address)!

Cancer Family Ongoing
9 East 8th Street
NY NY 10003

Thank you!


Cancer Family Ongoing

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